Simply update your rental process by adding two elements:

1. Kiosks

rental form kiosks

Instead of clipboards, your rental customers will use modern kiosks to fill out their information. A kiosk simply provides access to a custom webpage with your form on it (e.g. This can be a computer, laptop, or tablet. Each rental customer, including kids, must have a form filled out. The basic fields for each form are:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Cell phone contact (may be a parent’s phone)
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Age
  • Experience level

Additional fields are available, such as type of sport, gender, and custom fields by request. This data can help you evaluate whether you have more skiers or snowboarders, or that women prefer skiing and men prefer boarding, and help to inform your purchasing decisions.

2. Printer

printed form on a clipboard

The DIN chart can print below your existing form (as pictured) or on the back. utilizes Google Cloud Print to print onto your existing rental form. Seconds after a customer fills out the form on the kiosk, it is printed on your existing paper form with their information and DIN calculation.

The DIN calculation is provided for a range of boot sole lengths, like the table below or the picture on the right.

<= 230mm 231 – 250mm 251 – 270mm 271 – 290mm 291 – 310mm 311 – 330mm 331 – 350mm 351 <=
8.5 8 7 6.5 6


Does this require / include an inventory system?

No, this system is designed to adopt to your current rental process as easily as possible. You do not need to add your inventory to a database.

How is the DIN calculated?

This DIN calculation is based on the Salomon technical chart.

Can I customize the thank-you email?

Absolutely! We encourage you to customize the thank-you email! Go ahead and suggest Instagram handles or hashtags for your guests, remind them of any sales you’re having, or promote other local businesses.

Is this secure? is secured by HTTPS\TLS encryption and all payments for the service go through, an established online transaction service. Guest data is securely stored on our servers on AWS and is NOT shared with anyone else.

Can customers use their own phones / devices to fill out the form?

This is possible, but not yet recommended. At the moment, anyone with the link to your custom rental form can fill out the form – whether they’re at your shop or not. We’re looking into geofencing or password protection for each form to prevent pranks and hijinks. For now we recommend keeping your link private and only on kiosks that you manage.

More questions?

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