$50 a month for the first 1000 renters.
Every renter after that is $0.05 per renter.

Think about it. Every rental technician you pay $12 an hour takes about 15+ seconds to calculate a DIN – which costs $0.05 in labor. Besides paying for itself in time savings, rentalform.tech will help increase in DIN accuracy, collect valuable customer information, and provide a modern process for your rental customers.

That’s it! No start up fees, no cancellation fees. During the summer, you can cancel the service or convert the form to summer activities. While the service is cancelled, you can still access the admin dashboard but no new form submissions will be accepted.

If you’d like a full service set up (configuration of kiosks, rental printout alignment, etc.), we can handle that, too, just shoot us an email at sales@rentalform.tech. Otherwise this web app is completely self-serviceable.